Show Clients and Employees You Care With Non-Holiday Gifts

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    Everyone is focused on giving and receiving gifts during the holiday season. However, it’s equally important to show your appreciation for the people around you throughout the year. For businesses, it’s especially important to show your clients and employees that you care about them all the time. As another holiday season winds down, let’s look at why it’s so important to show people that you’re thinking about them year-round as well as suggest some suitable gifts.

    The Benefits of Giving Gifts All Year

    It’s great to give holiday gifts and people generally expect it. However, there are good reasons to keep up the generosity at other times as well. Here are some of the main benefits of non-holiday gift-giving.

    • People expect holiday gifts and often receive lots of them. When you give them something when it’s not a holiday, it stands out and they are more likely to remember it.
    • Promotional gifts help you build brand awareness. Wearables such as t-shirts and baseball caps as well as mugs, water bottles, and athletic bags are commonly taken all over, allowing your brand name to be broadcast to the world.
    • Helps you show your employees that you appreciate them throughout the year.
    • Keeps your business fresh in customers’ minds.

    Promotional products can be given away as a bonus to thank people for their order, to call attention to your table at events such as trade shows, or as contest prizes. There are many ways that this practice can help you build goodwill.
    Now let’s look at some of the items that make great gifts in every season.


    There are certain items that almost everyone wears. T-shirts, hoodies, athletic wear, baseball caps, and windbreakers are the kinds of items that are suitable for people of every demographic. They’re also the kinds of products you can’t really have too many of. Everyone has room for another t-shirt or cap. As noted, the other nice thing about apparel is that people display it all over.

    Sporting Goods

    This category overlaps to some extent with wearables but is more narrowly focused (we like to call it sports SWAG). While it can be great for any kind of business, it’s extremely relevant if your brand is related to health, fitness or sports. In this category are:

    • Golf-related merchandise. Many business owners and employees enjoy golf. There are a wide range of brandable products you can give away such as golf bags, golf umbrellas, golf shirts, golf towels and more.
    • Athletic bags. In addition, to be useful at the gym, these types of bags can also serve as carry-on luggage.
    • Water bottles. Active people always need a water bottle to stay hydrated on the go.

    Technology-related Products

    If your business is in the technology sector, there are all kinds of gifts your customers and employees will love to receive. Many of these are equally appropriate for a general audience.

    • Branded power banks. As people get ever more dependent on their portable devices, power banks are always a thoughtful gift. These can be created in a variety of sizes and styles.
    • Headphones. Everyone uses headphones these days and this is another item that comes in many styles such as wired, wireless and Bluetooth.
    • Laptop totes and backpacks.
    • Mousepads

    Gifts for Everyone

    In addition to apparel, there are plenty of other gifts that just about everyone can use. Here are some examples.

    These are just some of the possibilities of products you can brand with your logo and/or personalize for the recipient. You can choose gifts based on your own brand as well as the interests of your customers and employees.

    Suggestions and Guidelines for Year-Round Gifts

    There are no hard and fast rules for giving gifts. You have to consider your branding message as well as the needs and interests of the recipient. The following are just some hints to use when you think about what to give.

    • Give personalized gifts. When you really want to recognize employees or customers, give them gifts that are personalized. This is a way to show that you recognize people as individuals.
    • Remember the important occasions. An important sub-category of personalized gifts are those that commemorate events such as birthdays, weddings, and other significant milestones. People always appreciate being recognized and remembered on special dates.
    • Use variety. Don’t get into a rut of giving away the same gifts year after year as this shows a lack of creativity. It also takes away from the promotional value if gifts are redundant. On the other hand, certain items, such as branded clothing and mugs can be made unique by changing details such as text, images, and colors.
    • Give people a choice. If you’re not sure what the ideal gift for an individual or group of people might be, you can give them a choice. This is good for both you and the recipient. They get the gift they prefer and they are more likely to use and display something they’ve chosen.
    • Think of reasons to give. Customers and employees are your obvious choices when giving away items. However, you might think of others who would appreciate a thoughtful gift. This may include prospects, people with whom you frequently interact on social media, vendors or someone who’s done something helpful for you.

    Giving Gifts is a Great Idea Anytime

    There’s no reason to limit gift-giving to the holidays. There are countless other reasons to show people that you value them. Or you can give items away for no reason at all. There’s really no downside when it comes to giving gifts. You can brighten someone’s day while keeping your brand name active in their minds.