Promotional Power Banks

    Giving away promotional power banks is a great way to engage with your customers and prospects. Custom phone chargers are a practical promotional item that just about anyone will appreciate receiving. In a day and age when everyone carries around a smartphone, a branded portable cell phone charger is a gift that’s extremely practical.

    Advantages of Promotional Power Banks
    Power banks are a useful item that makes it easy for people to keep their phones and other devices charged wherever they are. One of the main reasons people love their smartphones is that they help them stay in touch with the world from any location. However, this only works if the devices stay charged. Power banks, also known as power sticks, mobile chargers and simply cell phone chargers, provide the perfect solution for people who are frequently on the go.

    You can find power charges that provide a variety of battery capacities. You may want to have several types made to suit the needs of different clients. Lower capacity chargers are suitable for charging a single phone. Larger ones can charge multiple devices, including tablets.

    When creating promotional power banks, you can have them made in a style that matches your preferences and brand image. They can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Naturally, you want your business name and logo prominently displayed on the device. Beyond that, you have a wide choice of customizations. Larger models provide ample space for laser etching or imprinting larger images. Other possible features include LED flashlights and power indicator displays.

    Tips for Giving Away Custom Phone Chargers

    • Give away custom phone chargers at trade shows and other business events. You’ll be able to make an instant connection with people by giving them a fun and useful item.
    • Give chargers away to your employees. In addition to customers and prospects, it’s a good idea to provide your own team with chargers. They will display them whenever they charge their devices in public.
    • Create personally engraved chargers. You can show your appreciation to clients and employees by giving them personally engraved chargers. These make great holiday or birthday gifts.
    • Make chargers powerful enough to last. It’s a good idea to only give away chargers that are above 2600 mAh. Below this level, they don’t hold a charge for very long and people are likely to throw them away.

    Custom Chargers are Great For Promoting Your Brand
    Promotional products are one of the best ways to build customer relationships. Giving someone a gift is a powerful way to make a positive impression on customers, prospects and employees. However, what you give away makes a big difference. Some items are quickly forgotten and placed in closets and desk drawers. A branded portable cell phone charger, though, is something that people will use over and over again.