Unique Gifts

    Unique Promotional Gifts

    One of the best ways to brand yourself and make sure that clients and leads remember you is to give them unique promotional gifts. It used to be that business professionals would simply hand out business cards to everyone they met or did business with. There’s nothing wrong with this approach and business cards still have their function. However, your customers probably already have hundreds of business cards. So if you want to make a stronger impression, it might be a good idea to try something different. With these unique promotional items, you’ll be able to separate yourself from the crowd and give people something that they’ll remember. Let’s look at the advantages of distinctive client promo gifts.

    Benefits of Promotional Gifts

    To impress clients and prospects, you first must get their attention. Whether you meet someone at a convention, networking event or on an airplane, one of the best ways to make an impression is to hand them an item that is unique and something they can use. Our promotional items will help you forge a lasting connection with customers, clients and prospects. Here are other advantages of handing out less common promo gifts:

    • Promotional items help you build your brand. Your unique promotional items can be branded in any way you choose. They can display your business name, logo, slogan or any text or image that’s associated with your company. Every time people see the item, they’ll be reminded of your business.
    • They are an excellent value. We make it economical to create large quantities of client promo items. Considering that each item is likely to be in circulation for years, it’s a better investment than an ad that only appears briefly.
    • Items can be fun, interesting or practical. There are endless possibilities for promotional items, including Bluetooth speakers, bag clips, socks, quality pens, golf accessories, lip balm and even seed packs. It’s up to you whether you want something humorous, useful or elegant. Just about any item can be branded.
    • Unique promo items are great conversation starters. One of the benefits of interesting promotional items is that they can make an impression not only on clients and prospects but the people that they meet as well. For example, if you give someone a traveling bag with your logo, it can potentially travel for thousands of miles and be seen by many people. The more interesting the item, the more questions and conversations may arise about your business.

    Reach Out with Promotional Gifts

    There are endless opportunities for using promotional items and many can be tailored to your audience. For example, water bottles or athletic bags are ideal for anyone in the sports or fitness industry. On the other hand, there are also items with widespread appeal, such as pens, t-shirts, ties, chargers and many other products that almost anyone can use. You can tailor your approach based on your own business and customers. But handing out unique promotional gifts is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression on the people you meet.

    Building a Brand

    Getting your company’s name in front of the public as much as you can will prove helpful in building your brand. When it comes to branded giveaways, it makes sense to provide them with unique gift ideas as they’ll be more likely to keep and use the item. Unique and customized USB drives for example are items that many will have a use for in today’s digital world. We have a variety of unique items that could help with this approach. Whether you’re looking for paper materials such as stationary or print custom calendars or something more portable such as lip balm, pens, or iPad covers and cases, we can help your business increase its presence.

    Working for You

    Putting together a company’s brand is difficult work. You must make sure that your company’s presence is constantly on the minds of your potential customers, as well as make sure that your name is seen. So what better way to invest in your clients of tomorrow than by increasing your visual presence today with unique business gifts? Brandables provides our clients with ways to transform unique gift ideas into physical items. Not only do we print custom calendars, embroider personalized shirts and apparel, or engrave leather and metal, we also print unique playing cards, embroidered shoes and bags, and provide custom engraved granite coasters.

    We understand the importance of being efficient and cost-effective as you look for ways to serve your clients. That’s why all our products are offered at the most competitive prices and with the most convenient warehousing, storage, and distribution options to meet your company’s needs. Once you decide on the unique item, we’ll take it from there and make it a reality, letting you get back to what you do best – running your business while we provide your business with world class customer service.

    Time Tested Partner

    For over 20 years, Brandables, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been serving clients around the country and the world. A leader in the corporate promotional materials industry, we have an outstanding history of serving businesses both big and small. Our client testimonials speak for themselves, and our numerous awards and affiliations, such as the Better Business Bureau, the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, and the PPAI, add credence to our claim of being one of the best in the business. Our clients need a range of promotional materials and we continually work to provide exactly what our customers want.

    Check out some of the below items and see what products match your company’s service offerings the best. You’ll be sure to find something incredibly unique to brand for your company.  Once you find the item you’ve been searching for, please keep the item number handy to Request A Quote.