About Us

    Brandables is a nationwide, Phoenix-based promotional products supplier. It is woman-owned and operated and Brandables helps you promote and brand your company and stand out from the competition. We offer distinctive promotional products that are the perfect way to engage with your customers. These products can be given away at trade shows, conventions, online (such as in social media contests), or from your own place of business.

    • We’ve been in business since 1992. With over 25 years of experience, we know which products have the greatest impact and are best for branding purposes.
    • Brandables is proudly owned and operated by women.
    • Our promotional products are hand-chosen for your needs. We select items that will get you a better ROI than many of the standard items available. We understand that these products are a reflection of your business and only choose the highest quality items.
    • In addition to providing products, we can also handle tasks such as warehousing, kitting, fulfillment and shipping items.

    Why Go with a of Promotional Products Supplier?

    Every business is unique but one common element is that you need a way to stand out so that your customers and prospects remember you. Promotional products are a proven way to do this. There are many different products that you can use for this purpose, such as:

    • Products for Tradeshows and networking events – Ceramic mugs, tote bags, wristbands, lanyards, flash drives and key tags are among the items suitable for business events. Giving something away helps you attract more people to your booth.
    • Wearables – Items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, baseball caps and other wearables are especially good for promoting your business. When people wear them in public, your business name is broadcast far and wide. There are many uses for wearables. Give them away in social media contests, have your employees wear them, sell them, or sponsor a Little League or other local sports team and create branded uniforms for the players.
    • Gifts and Wedding Favors – Giving gifts to your customers and clients is a sure way to have them remember you in a favorable way. weddings are another time when personalized gifts are thoughtful. Some possibilities include wedding photo frame and thank you cards, custom stock design pop-up calendars, and silicone bracelets with screen printed logos.
    • Sports-related items – Golf products are especially popular, as so many business owners and managers play golf. We offer items such as golf balls, golf towels, and gift bags.
      These are just some of the ways you can use our promotional items. There are countless other possibilities as well and you can find products that work best for your branding strategy.

    Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

    At Brandables, we understand that many businesses don’t want to take the time and effort to store and ship inventory. That’s why we are a promotional product company that offers flexible services to handle these tasks for you. We can store your promotional products and supplies and ship them to customers, to trade shows where you’ll be giving them away, or to any location that’s convenient for you. We also perform tasks such as assembling products, knitting items and shipping packages. When they’re ready, we can then ship them off to the recipients.

    Brandables Helps You Connect with Your Customers

    As an experienced and flexible promotional products supplier, we’re dedicated to helping all types of business find the right products to help them succeed. Whatever your industry, Brandables can help you connect more effectively with your customers by providing distinctive promotional products that will fit your business’s budget.