Custom Branded Calendars

    Custom Branded Calendars

    Businesses small and large have given customized calendars to customers and associates for a long time. It might be a time-tested promotional strategy but don’t let the classic nature of company calendars fool you! Customizable paper calendars are still an economical and effective promotional opportunity.

    Classic But Still Relevant Today

    The passage of time affects everyone, and everyone looks at calendars frequently, sometimes multiple times a day. Even though many people have smart phones, never underestimate the impact of a high quality, branded paper calendar.

    Branded Calendars Are Efficient And Useful Promotional Tools

    Giving customized calendars is a great way to stay relevant in the minds of your customers, partners in business, and your employees. Every time someone marks a birthday, notes an appointment, or wonders on which day of the week a holiday falls, they look at a calendar. Giving branded calendars during trade shows, sales calls, or any opportunity to distribute marketing materials ensures that people will see your company name, logo, and message.  That’s exposure 365 days a year!

    Over the past several years, there has been a resurgence of popularity of paper journals, planners, and calendars. Many people appreciate the opportunity to jot down appointments and reminders while they’re on their phone. Toggling between open apps trying to get to a calendar while on their phones can be a hassle as well. Plus, there is something intrinsically motivating and satisfying about marking off the days until a vacation or other special event. Electronic calendars are useful, but paper calendars are timeless and classic in a world where electronics hold so much of our attention. Many people happily use both.

    Promotional calendars are not just practical, they are a great way for your company to help people while getting your name out there. There have been many studies conducted about how the physical act of writing something down improves our brains ability to recall that information. Writing information, versus typing it or speaking it, actually helps with the encoding process. This is the process that works with the part of our brain that analyses information (our hippocampus) to figure out what information to store in our long-term memory and what to discard. Appointments and reminders are more easily recalled when we write them down. So why shouldn’t existing and potential customers see your company name and logo when they write things down? That’s smart business!

    Customizable To Reflect Your Business

    Calendars are used in homes, schools, offices, and places of business all over the world. The size, pictures, colors, and messaging can convey a wide variety of looks. If getting your company name and logo into homes is pertinent to your business demographic, you can brand calendars that are fun and casual.  Classic images and themes that infer business-like efficiency are a great choice for calendars geared towards professional settings. Inspirational calendars can brighten up any workspace and theme-oriented calendars appeal to certain audiences. We’re happy and able to create custom calendars that will represent your company image to your target audience.