USB Drives

    USB Flash Drives

    Branded flash drives are an ideal product to give away if you’re looking for an effective way to connect with your clients and prospects. While they are especially relevant in computer or tech-related industries, they are actually useful to anyone who uses technology and needs to store or transfer data.

    Customized promotional items are a proven way to get publicity for your brand and make a strong impression on your clients. A flash drive is one of the best products for this purpose as it’s something that provides real value and can be used by almost anyone.

    Advantages of Branded USB Drives

    Here are some of the top reasons that branded flash drives are such a valuable promotional item.

    • Highly practical. A flash drive can be used to transfer any type of data from text to images. They aren’t merely random knickknacks but something that many people use every day.
    • Used by people in all walks of life. A flash drive is useful for entrepreneurs, managers, students and just about anyone who uses computers. Just about everyone transfers photos and other files at some point.
    • Lightweight and portable. It’s convenient to stock lightweight items that you can easily carry to tradeshows and other events. Their portability also means that it’s easy for your clients to carry them around, giving them plenty of visibility.
    • They come in many varieties. There are many specialized types of flash drives. In addition to our Classic Stick USB Flash Drive, Brandables carries a credit card USB drive, swivel stick flash drive and a twist flash drive. We also have a USB 2.0 Lanyard Drive™, which makes your logo even more visible as people carry the flash drive on a 15″ lanyard.
    • High value, reasonable cost. Because of their practicality, branded USB drives often have a higher perceived value than many other promotional products. At the same time, they are economical to buy. They are often cheaper, for example, than t-shirts and other types of clothing while making a strong impression.

    These are some of the reasons to consider using flash drives as part of your promotional and branding strategy. They are a versatile and convenient item to give away at trade shows,

    Use Branded Promotional Products to Connect With Clients

    Branded promotional products are an effective way to connect with your current and prospective clients and generate publicity for your business. You can display whatever information on them that you want to share such as your business name, logo, website URL, phone number or tagline. Unlike advertising and most other promotional techniques, products such as branded USB drives are circulated in public and provide your brand with wide exposure.

    Promotional products such as USB flash drives provide a tangible benefit to people. When you give them away, you’re offering someone immediate value, which is a good way to build goodwill and establish stronger relationships with clients. Brandables offers a wide selection of branded flash drives as well as many other promotional products to help you grow your business.