Custom Branded T-Shirts

    Custom branded t-shirts are an effective and economical way to promote your business. There are quite a few ways you can use this method to publicize your business name, logo, products, or special events. As your customers and employees wear your custom logo t-shirts, more and more people will get familiar with your name.

    5 Benefits of Custom Branded T-Shirts

    Let’s look at some of the advantages of custom promo t-shirts for your business.

    1. They’re Affordable to Create
      You always have to consider your budget when choosing promotional materials. While costs depend on factors such as materials, the complexity of the design and quantity, t-shirts are fairly cheap to produce compared to many other promotional strategies. When you have them made in bulk, you can get a good price and have an item that people are likely to wear for many years.2. They are Widely Seen
      The idea of promotional products is for them to be seen. T-shirts have greater visibility than most other products. While some items might be hidden in the owner’s pocket or closet, people actually wear t-shirts. Someone is likely to wear a t-shirt at the gym, walking around on a warm day, or just about anywhere.3. They Last a Long Time
      T-shirts have greater longevity than most promotional products. A t-shirt can easily last for five or more years. Compare this to a print or online advertising campaign, where the ad may be seen for a day or two and then disappears. T-shirts can circulate in public and get seen by thousands of people over a long period.4. They’re Infinitely Customizable
      There’s really no limit on what you can say on a t-shirt. They’re one of the most customizable products you can find. Custom logo t-shirts will display any type of logo you want. You can also choose a limitless number of phrases, images or designs that align with your brand. You can also choose the material and method of printing based on your preferences and budget.5. They’re Good for Team Building
      Custom promo t-shirts can be worn by your employees to inspire team loyalty. They can serve as a kind of casual uniform for many types of businesses. They make employees easily identifiable for stores and other businesses where team members interact directly with the public. In a more formal setting in which business attire is worn, employees will still appreciate having t-shirts to wear in their leisure time.

      Getting the Most Out of Custom Branded T-Shirts
      Here are some tips to get the most value out of promotional t-shirts.

    • Make sure the design is appealing. It’s not enough to simply promote your business name or products. You want to create an article of clothing people will actually want to wear.
    • Feature your logo. Custom logo t-shirts are one of the best tools for building brand recognition.
    • Give away t-shirts at trade shows, as contest prizes or as a reward for people who send you referrals.

    Promotional t-shirts provide you with an affordable way to spread the word about your business. Create a design that displays your logo and you’ll have a simple way to turn your customers and employees into brand ambassadors!