Tote and Decorative Bags

    Promotional Totes & Decorative Bags

    Branded tote bags are a popular and effective product to give away to clients and prospects at trade shows, at your physical business or for any occasion where you want to generate publicity. Promotional products are among the best branding tools for spreading the word about your business. It’s important, however, to choose the right items. Let’s see why promotional totes are such a good choice when you want to give away something appealing to your customers.

    Why Branded Tote Bags?
    There are many types of promotional items that can be used as branding tools. When you consider what type of products to use, you should consider several factors including appearance, practicality and durability. Tote bags are a good choice for several reasons.

    • Practical. People attending trade shows and other events are accustomed to getting freebies. Some of these gifts are more useful than others. A custom printed tote bag is a simple yet very practical item. People can use them for groceries, books or random personal belongings.
    • Highly visible. One reason to give away promotional products is so they can be widely seen. A tote bag is something that people are likely to carry around everywhere. Thousands of people will see your tote bags as they’re carried through streets, office buildings, restaurants and lots of other public places. Everyone will have a chance to see your logo and whatever else you choose to print on the bags.
    • Lots of room to print your designs and text. A custom printed tote bag, more than many items, gives you plenty of space to display your promotional message. Aside from your logo, you can include other images, slogans or text. Even a small tote bag provides you with a kind of portable billboard that lets you broadcast your message to the world.
    • Create tote bags in any style you want. Promotional bags are almost infinitely customizable. They can be made in many sizes, styles and colors. Strap lengths are customizable as well. You can create anything from a subdued black tote bag to a whimsical multi-colored tote. Better yet, you can choose any type of design and text that you want.
    • Long-lasting value. Consider a typical marketing tactic such as an ad. Someone might see an ad once. If you want to repeat the advertisement you have to keep paying. Promotional items such as tote bags, on the other hand, can be visible for many months or even years.

    Promote Your Business With Promotional Totes
    If you’re experienced with promotional products, you already know how useful they can be. They can help you attract attention at trade shows, give you a way to show appreciation for clients, and more. If you haven’t used promotional products, you’ll find that they provide you with a simple and economical way to promote your business and strengthen business relationships.

    Giving something away is one of the best ways to connect with someone and make a great impression. Everyone likes to receive gifts. Tote bags are a fun and useful item your customers will appreciate. It’s simply a matter of designing a tote bag that’s a perfect match for your brand.