How to Increase Brand Awareness in a Pandemic

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    There are plenty of opinions and positions regarding having to wear a face mask in public. While some will cite studies showing the effectiveness of wearing masks, others will cite studies to the contrary. This debate will likely continue as long as Covid-19 cases are present and possibly beyond. However, to delve into that argument is beyond the scope of this blog post. Regardless of your position on the matter, the reality of the situation is that at the present time, and probably for the foreseeable future, most people are going to be required to wear a face mask at various points in their day to day activities. Face masks are required in much of the world whenever people travel by plane, go to a restaurant, shop at a store, go to any type of appointment, or to virtually any public place where they are around other people.

    As is the case, businesses can use this as an opportunity to either sell masks or to provide free masks to customers and employees during these challenging times. This not only provides a needed service, but they also gain additional visibility for their brand by adding their company name and logo to masks and other types of face coverings.

    If you haven’t yet thought of creating your own branded face masks, there are several reasons to seriously consider it.

    Benefits of Branded Masks

    By providing custom face masks, businesses can help to relieve the tedium of this daily practice. A lot of people are getting tired of wearing the same masks every single day. With this in mind, you can create stylish and unique masks that not only display your brand name but also give people a chance to express their individuality, and to have some fun with it.


    Another advantage of providing face masks, at least from a marketing standpoint, is that they need to be replaced periodically. While some face masks are explicitly made to be disposable and only intended for single or short-term use, even reusable face masks have a shelf life and should be discarded at some point. In addition to this, people often lose their face masks or leave them behind somewhere, while others simply prefer to buy and keep several masks on hand for convenience.

    Fashion Accessory

    You certainly can’t have a face mask that clashes with your outfit can you? Since facemasks will be a requirement for some time, many people are buying several different colored masks to go with the colors of different outfits. This makes custom face masks an “accessory” and becomes an item people will continue to buy several of and in a multitude of colors and styles.

    Good Will

    Creating face masks can also enhance your reputation as being a business that is providing a public service within your community. Simply reminding people to wear masks is beneficial, but it is even better when you are actually able to provide them with these essential items as well.

    Types of Face Masks

    There are a variety of types of branded face masks that can be used to protect people from germs and viruses as well as comply with private and municipal requirements. It is always a good idea to offer a variety of options to satisfy the various desires and needs of different people.

    • Disposable Face Masks – These lightweight masks are convenient and typically low cost. They are generally meant for single or short-term use.
    • Cotton Face Masks – 100% cotton face masks are a little thicker and have the added benefit of being able to be washed and reused.
    • Multi-Layer Face Masks – These are usually made with a combination of polyester and cotton. Some have a “filter” that fits inside them which provides additional protection. These too are washable and reusable.
    • Bandanas – A bandana can be folded over a few times to create additional layers around the nose and mouth. Like masks, they can be branded and can be created in many styles and colors. They are becoming an increasingly popular item to address face covering requirements.
    • Medical Grade Face Masks – People who work in the medical industry need surgical grade face masks for greater protection. As is the case, for a while many merchants limited the number of these types of masks that one could buy in order to ensure availability to those in the medical field.
    • Face Shields – This type of face covering shields the entire face and are also becoming more popular. Some health experts believe that face shields are even more effective than masks at protecting wearers from potentially harmful particles. Many people like them because they find them more comfortable than masks and less restrictive to their breathing. However, from a branded perspective, these offer the least amount of flexibility to customize.

    Within these categories, in addition to the many options for style and color, there are also some sizing options as well. For example, face masks, bandanas, and face shields can be made in different sizes: from large adult sizes to smaller sizes for kids. There are also expandable face masks that change shape to fit the wearer’s face and movements.

    How to Distribute Promotional Face Masks

    There are a variety of ways that you can provide your custom branded face masks to your customers and potential customers.

    • Hand them out to people walking into your retail locations. Note: Providing a variety of colors for them to choose from is a great idea. If they like a particular color and select it, there is a better chance that they’ll wear it in the future.
    • Give them to customers as a promotional gift with their orders.
    • Sell them on your website or at your retail location. Note: This works especially well if you have come up with a compelling or unique design or a style of face mask that people really want to wear.
    • Give them to your employees to wear during their shifts. It can oftentimes be beneficial to ask your employees for their input regarding the styles and colors of face masks. Not only will it provide for additional creative input, but it will also increase their desire to wear and promote your branded face masks wherever they go.
    • Send your employees home with several extra masks to share with their families and friends.
    • Provide complimentary face masks to people at your in-person events.

    Branded face masks are a way for you to supply people with something they truly need and will likely use regularly, all while keeping your brand name in their minds. As long as face masks are a necessary part of life, you may as well create your own.