Golf Promotional Items

    Giving away promotional products is a time-honored strategy for branding and engaging with customers. Golf swag among the most effective for this purpose. When choosing the type of items to give away, it’s always helpful to find highly-visible products that people will truly enjoy and use. Many people enjoy golf and other sports, making sports-related promotional products a great way to build a positive image for your business. We can transfer your company’s logo, or another image of your choice, onto promotional items to present your company, image, and business in the best possible light. Let’s look at why golf promotional items and other sports related items are such a good choice for getting attention for your company.

    The Advantages of Golf Swag

    Let’s look at some of the compelling reasons to give away sports-related promotional products and golf products in particular.

    • A good way to reach business professionals: Golf is especially popular among business owners and executives. This makes golf swag especially suitable for B2B marketing and for connecting with successful and influential people.
    • Many choices: Golf is a sport with so many accessories! In addition to wearables such as shirts and hats, there are golf umbrellas, towels, ball markers and, of course, golf balls.
    • Gives your business lots of visibility: When people bring your golf promotional products to the golf course, they’re seen by lots of people. This is a good way to get your company name in front of a large and often affluent audience.
    • People appreciate these items: Fans of golf and other sports are passionate about their favorite games. They enjoy receiving products they can actually use, making this an effective way to build good will.
    • Builds status for your company: Golf is a high-status activity that helps to elevate your company’s reputation. Golf is also an activity associated with fun and leisure, which helps you build positive associations for your brand when you give away branded merchandise.

    While golf promotional items are great for many purposes, there are also some general sports promotional products worth giving away as well. Brandables specializes in decoration for sports accessories and apparel which enables our staff to cater to all sports-lovers in Phoenix as well as all across America. Customized, promotional branding is possible on anything from rubber or tennis-style wristbands, to tee-shirts, baseball caps to golf apparel. Water bottles are useful for anyone who’s active and Frisbees are another fun product that is ideal for branding. We will help you increase your brand’s presence at the gym, on the court, on the field, on the green, and in the rink. Whether you use golf or other sports products, this gives you a way to engage with an active audience and get your company name widely seen, increasing your presence in the market.

    Make a Strong Impression with Golf Promotional Items

    Compared to many other types of marketing, giving away promotional items has many advantages. You have a chance to make a strong impression and get your business name widely circulated. If you want to use promotional products to build your brand, high quality corporate promotional golf products is a smart choice. If your customers play golf, they’ll definitely enjoy receiving gifts in this niche. There are numerous ways to use promotional products. You can give them away to clients, prospects and employees. You can use them as prizes for online contests. You can offer them to people who visit your table at conventions. However you utilize them, golf and other sports promotional products are a solid investment when it comes to branding your business. At Brandables, each corporate product order is customizable to match the extent of your business’ needs. We offer growing business packages, small and large business packages, and specialty packages for trade shows. Our product quality is the highest in the industry, and our testimonials speak for themselves.

    Who is Brandables?

    Since 1992, Brandables has been offering the largest selection of the highest quality corporate promotional products available. Choose from such items as lip balm, USB drives, and personalized golf swag, like shirts. In addition, we offer outstanding warehousing and fulfillment needs. Brandables services clients both nationally and internationally, and works with businesses of all sizes and all needs. We continually strive for 100% customer service satisfaction, and guarantee we will respond to your request right away because we know your time is valuable.

    History of Excellence

    For over 20 years Brandables has been filling orders for dedicated customers around the world from their headquarters outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. Sport lovers who run businesses around the country can appreciate the dedication that we put into the fulfillment of every order; each detail is carefully scrutinized, and each item must be of the highest quality. Brandables has one of the leading online reputations in the country. We treat every order with the same level of personalized attention, whether it is for a few rally towels or thousands of customized beach balls needed for a large convention. As a BBB Accredited Business, PPAI affiliation and one of the Top 25 Promotional Distributors of 2007 and 2009, we believe that Brandables stands above other promotional distributors, without question. When businesses want their golf shirts embroidered, they go with Brandables.

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