Promotional Apparel

    If you’re looking for a powerful way to brand yourself and make a strong impression, one of your best choices is promotional apparel. While there are benefits to all kinds of promotional items, wearables are a special category. Whether it’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, or anything else that people wear, your item and logo will be displayed for all the world to see. Custom promotional apparel is a great value for several reasons.

    The Benefits of Wearable Promotional Items

    You have many choices when it comes to creating promotional items. There are advantages to handing out customized promotional products of all kinds. However, wearable products really stand apart. Here are some of the reasons that custom promotional apparel is such an excellent opportunity for your business.

    • People enjoy receiving items they can wear: Many promotional items don’t really serve a function. Apparel, however, is practical. Everyone likes receiving gifts, especially when it’s something they can really use.
    • A powerful way to spread the word about your business: Wearables give you lots of reach with your products. While a business card is hidden away in someone’s wallet, t-shirts or other articles of clothing is on display for the whole world to see. Thousands of people will see your company name and logo.
    • Helps your business stand out: Apparel is generally valued more highly than typical promotional items. This helps you make a stronger impression when you distribute your products.
    • There are countless uses for apparel: You can give away wearable promotional products for many purposes. In addition to placing your brand and logo on them, you can create items for special events, specific products, or special promotions. You can sponsor a Little League or other sports team and have branded uniforms made. If your customers enjoy golf, you can give them golf shirts or hats. You can have t-shirts made for your employees.
    • Promote your business with giveaways: Another way to utilize wearable items is to give them away in contests. This is a useful tactic that works especially well on social media. It encourages your followers to share your posts and helps you reach more people.
    • It gives you an affordable way to reach a wide audience. Compared with other types of advertising and promotion, it’s affordable to create and distribute custom promotional apparel. It’s a way for businesses with limited budgets to reach a large audience.

    Custom Embroidered Work Shirts

    If you want to find a personalized piece of apparel that is universally loved and proudly worn year round, the custom polo shirt with your company logo embroidered on it is one of the best choices ever. With its business casual fashion sense, this piece of custom apparel can easily go from work to play while keeping the wearer comfortable. Polo shirts are a natural fit for so many favorite activities as well. Bring your brand with you on company outings to the golf course, the tennis court, or even at the batting cage with your own custom polo shirts.
    As a custom work shirt, the polo is also one of the most adaptable and commonly purchased items. Our customized polo shirts are not only used as gifts but as actual workplace uniforms. These custom embroidered work shirts come with some beneficial features like moisture wicking ability so your employees remain dry, cool, and comfortable in even the hottest of situations. When you need both comfort and a professional presentation, high-quality polo styled custom work shirts are the way to go.

    Customized Apparel

    Brandables offers a line of stylish and warm jackets and hoodies that are great for the cooler climates. This custom apparel is made from some of the most comfortable yet durable fabrics available and can be custom embroidered with your logo. Choose among our bulk selection of hoodies and jackets to find the colors that are right for your brand and then simply ask for your embroidery to be applied. Maintaining the continuity of your brand has never been easier than with ordering some of our branded outerwear and pairing it with our custom work shirts.

    Look great and represent your company wherever you go with custom apparel by Brandables. Our full range of custom apparel is not only stylish and comfortable; it establishes a brand identity and goes a long way toward boosting morale. Customers have more faith in the employees they interact with when they see high-quality custom work shirts, hoodies, hats, and jackets worn with pride. Customers also love receiving custom apparel as gifts they will cherish and wear, spreading awareness for your brand for years to come.
    The Brandables line of custom apparel is more than custom work shirts and jackets; we also carry salon capes, gloves, aprons, hats, sunglasses, and more wearable accessories. As always, we wish to make your branded product buying experience as easy as possible so please call us with any questions you may have.

    Make a Great Impression with Wearable Promotional Products

    There are many ways to use promotional apparel to brand your business and make a great impression on existing and potential customers. This is a strategy that can easily be tailored to any business or industry. In addition to logos, you can also print company slogans or images that you want people to see. Promotional apparel is a powerful and cost effective way to build your brand.

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    Count on Us

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