Pick & Pack

    Pick and pack fulfillment is a system used to fulfill smaller orders, often a single item. When warehouse employees are packing small orders, they need easy access to items. Pick and pack service is simply a system in which employees pick items from master cartons and pack them into boxes or envelopes addressed to the customer.

    The Need For Pick and Pack Fulfillment

    Pick and pack service provides an efficient way to meet the increasing demands of today’s e-commerce consumers. When people order something today, they expect fast and accurate service. They also expect a wide selection of items to choose from. Many small businesses start out fulfilling their own orders. As they grow, however, they usually find that it’s difficult to handle all of these tasks themselves in an efficient manner. They lack the space, time and expertise to store, pack and ship orders quickly. Pick and pack makes it possible for businesses to offer a wide selection and send out orders promptly.

    Benefits to E-commerce Businesses

    There are several benefits of using a pick and pack service for order fulfillment.

    • You have access to a wide selection of products. With an efficient order fulfillment system in place, you can give customers many choices when it comes to models, sizes, colors and whatever specifications are relevant to your business. A good fulfillment center has plenty of space and employees will be able to pack and ship the items that meet your customers’ preferences.
    • Fast order fulfillment. Speed is becoming a major factor in the e-commerce world. If you take too long to ship items, you can’t compete with larger competitors. The pickers and packers who work at fulfillment centers are skilled at preparing and shipping orders promptly. This is especially helpful during busy periods such as the holiday season.
    • Greater accuracy. When you have many orders to fulfill, it becomes more challenging to get everything right. Small businesses that fulfill their own orders don’t usually have the experience to handle a large volume of orders with a high degree of accuracy. If customers receive shipments with the wrong items or something missing they aren’t going to be happy. Outsourcing to companies that offer pick and pack services is a way to ensure that the vast majority of orders are sent out accurately.
    • Cost-effective. Pick and pack fulfillment works with orders of all different sizes. You don’t usually have to worry about minimum order charges, so you only have to pay for orders that are actually processed. When you use this type of service you also avoid having to collect items from different locations and have them sent elsewhere to be packed and shipped. Everything is handled at one location, which makes the process faster as well as economical.
    • Allows businesses to scale growth. The ability to process orders quickly and accurately while offering a large selection helps you build your business and satisfy your customers. Small businesses can be held back by trying to do too much themselves, or by using an inefficient process for order fulfillment.

    Brandables Pick and Pack Services

    In an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential to offer your customers the kind of services they demand. Our pick and pack services in Phoenix provide businesses nationwide with a proven model of speed and efficiency for order fulfillment. Employees are trained to handle each order with precision to ensure customer satisfaction.