Promotional Face Masks

    Custom Branded Face Masks

    Face masks have become an essential aspect of everyday life for the last few months. This situation is likely to persist for the foreseeable future. While everyone hopes that the COVID-19 situation will soon improve, medical authorities recommend wearing masks in public places such as stores, public transportation, airports, and other places where people travel or gather. Custom branded face masks are a timely way to help your customers, employees and contacts while reminding them of your business.

    What are Branded Face Masks?
    Custom or promotional face masks are simply face masks that are branded with a company logo. You may already use promotional products such as mugs, t-shirts, gym bags, water bottles or power banks. These and other items have long provided businesses with a convenient way to show appreciation and spread the word about their brands.

    During the COVID-19 crisis, face masks have become mandatory in many places. Furthermore, a face mask isn’t something people buy once and keep forever. To remain sanitary and effective, masks must be washed and eventually replaced. One advantage of cotton masks is that they’re washable, making them easy to reuse. At the same time, masks do need to be discarded at some point. People are also inclined to lose or misplace them. All of this means that there is an ongoing need for masks. Why not supply your contacts with this essential item and place your logo on them?

    Why Promotional Face Masks?
    When you give away custom face masks, you’re sending a positive message as well as building awareness for your business. Everyone is very concerned about the health and safety of their families, employees and communities right now. While the long-term impact of the pandemic is still uncertain, there are a few things that can help to slow down the infection rate. One of these is wearing masks in public.

    Many communities experienced a shortage of face masks during the height of the pandemic. This situation could happen again if there are spikes in the future. People will appreciate having face masks as a precaution whether they need them immediately or not. This is a promotional item that’s also serving the public good.

    How Face Masks Protect You
    Face masks play an important role in safeguarding health. Face masks protect the wearer and others from airborne germs and viruses. For example, if someone coughs or sneezes, a mask will keep particles from reaching others, especially if they are also wearing masks. Medical authorities point out that masks don’t block COVID-19 completely but they can significantly cut down on the risk of spreading it. People should also take other precautions such as washing their hands frequently and social distancing.

    High-quality cotton face masks are not only useful during a pandemic in other situations as well. For example, they can be used on construction sites where workers need to be protected from dust particles. Face masks may also be helpful in areas where air pollution is severe. They can also be worn in environments where people are breathing in paint or certain chemicals. People with allergies or respiratory conditions may find them useful as well. Cotton face masks aren’t appropriate for industries and situations that require specialized or medical-grade masks. However, they are helpful in many everyday situations, especially at this time.

    Creating Face Masks for Your Business
    Promotional items of any kind should be customized to your needs. Custom masks can be designed in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose designs that are consistent with your branding. It’s convenient to have your logo printed on any cotton face masks. You can use promotional face masks in a similar manner to other branded promotional products. One difference is that, while many live events have been canceled or postponed, you will have to focus more on sending them to people rather than giving them away in person. Here are some possibilities:

    • Give face masks to your employees. Whether your employees are currently working or not, they will appreciate having face masks to wear when they go out. They will also be displaying your logo.
    • Give away a mask with online orders. You might include a branded face mask with all or certain orders. For B2B companies that handle wholesale and bulk orders, you could give away packages of masks, allowing businesses to give them to their employees and customers.
    • Create social media giveaways and contests. Contests on sites such as Facebook and Instagram are always a good way to give away promotional items and even more so in the current climate. With contest apps, you can set up either random giveaways or rewards for sending in the best photo, video, suggestion, or other content.
    • Create face masks that are consistent with your branding. Styles and colors are customizable for face masks so you have quite a bit of leeway for their appearance. For any style of masks, it’s easy to have your logo printed in a visible location.

    Custom Branded Face Masks are a Timely and Considerate Item Right Now
    Custom branded masks are a product that helps you stay relevant and helpful during challenging times. They actually help your customers and employees while giving you an effective tool for branding. Choose the type of mask that works best for your business and you can do your part to help keep people healthy.