Personalized Blankets & Throws

    One of the newly popular branded item you may have overlooked is blankets and throws. Custom printed stadium blankets, promotional picnic blankets and branded plush fleece blankets all make for thoughtful personalized gifts.

    The Benefits of Personalized Blankets
    Why give away blankets? There are several characteristics that make these such a great idea for a gift.

    • Blankets are associated with comfort and luxury. When someone is relaxing on a blanket, he or she can think of you and your business.
    • People bring blankets to public events. Promotional blankets are often used at sporting events, festivals, tailgates, picnics and other events. This means your design or logo can be seen by lots of people.
    • Blankets are less common than many other branded products. They help differentiate you from businesses that hand out more typical items.
    • Blankets and throws are highly brandable. There’s ample room on a blanket for screen printing or embroidery. This can be any combination of your logo, design or text related to your business, and personalization for the recipient.

    Guidelines for Blankets and Throws as Personalized Gifts
    Personalized blankets and throws make for wonderful gifts in a variety of situations. Here are a few suggestions to help you make the best choices when having these items made and giving them away.

    • Choose the size, style and color that’s right for your brand and budget. You might select different styles depending on who you’re giving the blanket to. You can customize the message for specific people and events such as holidays.
    • Large blankets are great for the beach and large events. However, smaller super-soft ones, such as branded plush fleece blankets, are best for cuddling.
    • Give away comfortable personalized blankets to your staff as holiday gifts. You can customize these based on the needs and lifestyles of your employees. For example, travel blankets are ideal for employees or associates who take frequent business trips.
    • Blankets and throws may come with a carrying case. This provides people with a convenient way to carry around their blanket or throw.
    • Give promotional picnic blankets and other types of blankets to your clients to show how much you appreciate them.
    • Give away branded plush fleece blankets as prizes for online contests, raffles and other events where prizes are awarded. You might also donate them to charity auctions so people can bid on them.

    Custom Blankets are Creative and Thoughtful Gifts
    Whether you currently use promotional products or not, items such as custom printed stadium blankets can be a great addition to your branding strategy. Take the time to research the many types of blankets and throws that make amazing gifts for clients, prospects, employees and anyone to whom you want to show your appreciation.