Custom Branded Towels

    Custom Branded Towels

    Creating and distributing custom branded towels is a smart strategy to make your company visible to a wide variety of people, in a wide variety of situations, for an extended period of time. Providing valuable but cost-effective publicity for your brand.

    Customize To Fit Your Brand

    Towels are extremely customizable. Choices of colors, sizes, and brand placement, among other variables, ensures that the customized towels that best represent your organization, are an available option for you to obtain.

    High Quality, Long Lasting

    Promoting your business by giving away branded towels is an effective method for making a lasting impression on future and current customers. Small, consumable items are great and definitely have their place in the world of business marketing but there is nothing quite like the versatility and durability of a custom printed towel. Our high-quality towels tie your company’s identity to a feeling of luxury, convenience, and usefulness. Towels don’t break and people don’t outgrow them. They are an affordable yet wise investment from a business perspective because they allow your brand to be visible for years to come.

    How And Where To Use Custom Branded Towels

    Here are some common tips on how and where clients use branded towels.

    • Trade shows, conventions, and other types of promotional giveaways provide great opportunities to present industry partners and potential customers with your own branded towel.
    • They can also be gifted or awarded to employees, vendors, and subcontractors to build productive working relationships and to show your appreciation.
    • Spas, bed and breakfasts, salons, and hotels that implement custom towels ensure that their business name or logo is interwoven into that customer’s memories. These seemingly small touches can have a big impact that adds to and enhances the customers’ overall experience and their long-term impressions.
    • A fantastic way to promote teamwork and inclusivity. Sales teams, sports teams, and clubs of all kinds have an identity that is uniquely their own. Members of the group feel like they are a part of something special when they are distinguished by owning a piece of team or club swag.
    • Custom towels are also a creative way to commemorate special occasions. They make great keepsakes or souvenirs when groups of people come together to celebrate and experience events like family reunions, class trips, destination weddings, and group sporting events. If your company participates in charity events like 5k walk/runs or Habitat for Humanity building projects, custom towels with company logos are great for building moral and team spirit.

    Versatile Branding

    Towels are a necessary part of everyday life for people all over the world. After we wash our hands, we reach for a hand towel. After we get out of the shower, we reach for a bath towel. Getting out of the pool? You guessed it; we reach for a pool towel. Towels are also used by organized sports teams and recreational athletes at every workout, every practice, and game. They provide a useful and versatile branding opportunity for years to come.